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January 2017 Play of the Month with UIC Matt Dunbar

01/05/2017, 12:15pm EST

SITUATION 1:  Team A has 8 players to start the game.  Umpire does not allow team to play.

SITUATION 2:  Team A has 9 players to start the game.  In the 4th inning, # 5 from team A suffers a serious injury.  There is no available substitute.

SITUATION 3:  Team A has 10 players to start the game and utilizes the DP/FLEX on the line up card.  During the game the DP becomes incapacitated or is ejected.  There are no available substitutes.  Does the game continue?

SITUATION 4:  Same as #3 above but #12 the shortstop is injured and cannot continue. Can the FLEX go that position and the team continue the game and bat 9?

SITUATION 5:  Same as # 2 but in the 4th inning #5 is ejected for flagrant contact.  There are no legal substitutes available.  Does the game continue with an out being recorded each time #5’s turn to bat is up?

RULING 1:  A team may start the game with 8 players batting.  The missing players spot will be listed 9th and an out will be recorded each time that batting position is due up. The team may not drop to 7 players.

RULING 2:  A team may start with the legal number of players and if one should be injured or have to leave for any reason other tan ejection, the team may continue play with one short the required number of batters.  An out will be recorded each time the missing players turn to bat comes around.  If another team mate should arrive that player will be required to be inserted in the missing players spot in the line-up.

RULING 3:  The game may continue with the FLEX going in to the batting order in the position of the DP and the game can continue with 9 players and 9 in the lineup with no outs being recorded.

RULING 4:  The team may continue to play with 8 batters but an out will be recorded each time #12’s turn at bat comes up.  The FLEX and DP are locked in the same position and the FLEX is not an available sub for #12 as this would violate the DP/FLEX rule.

RULING 5:  This is the exception to the shorthanded rule.  If a player is ejected and there are no other eligible substitutes for this player, the game is forfeited.

ASA RULES:  Rule 4, Section 1 D  1&2 Shorthanded Rule;  Rule 4, Section 3 DP/FLEX; Rule 4, Section 5 Re-entry; Rule 4, Section 6 Substitutes

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